The Brother Grimm

The Brother Grimm


A personal favorite of mine!

A large and hefty buster sword!

Be it boar, giant, or dragon, no hide can withstand the power of The Brother Grimm!

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Product under revision. (Not available)


Brother Grimm Instructional Booklet. (PDF File)

The Brother Grimm Cutout Template Book. (PDF File)


You will need:

  • One large cardboard box. (Minimum 40in x 10in on 2-4 of the sides!)
  • One 1/2in PVC pipe. (Cut to 35in for best results!)
  • One hot glue gun and sticks.
  • A boxcutter.
  • Plastic spring clamps.
  • Masking/Painters tape. (No general purpose, packaging, or duct tape!)




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